As a member of the Yachting Clubs of America (YCA), Herring Bay Yacht Club (HBYC) enjoys and offers “reciprocity” with other participating YCA clubs. The amenities offered through the Herrington Harbour marinas are second-to-none on the Chesapeake Bay. For visiting YCA Yacht Clubs who contact us in advance, HBYC extends the courtesies & traditions of yacht clubs, including:

  • Prior to your visit, the HBYC Fleet Captain will assist with any information you may need to plan your trip. Coordination for booking your stay, including slip reservations, must still be made by you and your club captains through the Herrington Harbour staff.
  • Your reservation at the marina will get you access to the olympic-sized pool, fitness room, 2 beaches with kayak, sail, and stand-up-board rental, 2 on-site restaurants, bar with outdoor tiki bar (including poolside service), excellent bathhouses, laundry facilities, and more.
  • In addition, as part of a visiting Yacht Club, Herrington Harbour Marinas also offer discounts and coupons; including free Orange Crush at Mango’s, free pump-out at the fuel dock, 10 cent/gallon discount on fuel, and coupons to various local businesses. Clubs visiting between Sunday and Thursday will get an additional 10% off their transient rates.
  • The Herrington Harbour Marinas also offer shuttle between the marina’s at HBYC/HHS (Herrington Harbour South) and HHN (Herrington Harbour North)… which includes the well-stocked and staffed West Marine located on the HHN property.  Courtesy rides are also available to nearby Chesapeake Beach and North Beach – offering additional restaurants, shops, antique stores, and recreation.
  • On the weekend of your visit, an HBYC Ambassador will be assigned to assist you in getting the most enjoyment from the numerous Herrington Harbor facilities, provide insight on weekend festivities/activities for the marina and nearby communities, as well as assist in your interactions with the HHS/HHN staff for your visit weekend.
  • Starting in 2015, the Herrington Harbor staff has worked with the HBYC Officers to create a “private” environment for use by Yacht Clubs only. Dedicated in late 2014 by HBYC and the Herrington Harbour owners/staff, this fenced in area with a private building, tent, patio, and grilling facilities will be accessible for entertainment during your visit.

Don’t forget to bring your yacht club burgee!  We’ll be honored to add it to our collection!