The Member Documents area of the website has been upgraded to make the information more secure and easier to access.  All content in this area of the website is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to the data.

Here is what you will find:

  • Membership Directory – suitable for printing, you have at your fingertips the complete roster of all HBYC Members.  The information comes from your User Profile so if it’s not current please update your profile!  This document will be refreshed and posted here every month.
  • General Membership Meeting Minutes – in case you were not able to attend, you’ll be current on what was discussed.
  • HBYC Annual Reports – the Commodore’s Annual State-of-the-Club
  • HBYC Bylaws

More information will be made available in the near future.

You will need to be logged into the website to see this material.  Please refer to these instructions if you need to reset your password.  If you do not remember your User ID or the email address you use to access the website, just send a quick note to [email protected]  for personal assistance.