The HBYC Activities


We sponsor 5 cruises (typically to locations with shopping, restaurants/bars, history, and recreation)...

Land Events

HBYC hosts a wide variety of events at Herrington Harbour South and North (HHS/HHN) including the opening day ceremony, clam bake, chili cook-off, wine tasting, and our ever popular mixers with the Herring Bay Sailing Association.

Boat-Themed Travel & Trips

Many members of the Herring Bay Yacht Club coordinate with each other to do small-group travel & trips. These range from trips on commercial cruise ships, small crewed and bare-boat charters in the Caribbean, group travel to boating and island hot-spots, trips to the mega Boat Shows around the country, and more.

Philanthropic and Community Service

HBYC believes in supporting our community... and are proud to host events including Wounded Warrior Day-On-The-Bay, as well as food drives for our neighboring communities. HBYC members participate in a wide array of charitable organizations and we strive to connect those groups with other HBYC members looking to give back to others.

Eco-Friendly Marina Support

HBYC works closely with the Herrington Harbour marina team to support the ecological goals of our award winning eco-marina and the Chesapeake Bay.

Legislative Advocacy

Herring Bay Yacht Club (HBYC) works to preserve the boating and environment of the Chesapeake Bay. Each year, HBYC members are selected to participate in the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Club Association (CBYCA) with a focus on legislative issues of concerns to our members.

Hosting Visiting Yacht Clubs

As a member of the Yachting Clubs of America, Herring Bay Yacht Club also plays host to other YCA yacht clubs that visit the Herrington Harbour Marinas over the summer. This gives us a chance to interact with even more like-minded boaters during the season... and builds strong relationships between our respective clubs.