The HBYC Burgee

The HBYC Crest

The HBYC burgee is a “standard burgee” triangular shape with white background and navy blue trim of 1″. The burgee contains a white rose with silver outline, symbolizing the connection to the original Rose Haven Yacht Club from which HBYC was formed. Additionally, the burgee shows two contemporary geese in flight; one white goose with a navy blue outline, and a solid navy blue goose preceding it (slightly ahead and above). These two geese represent the old and the new yacht clubs of Herring Bay. The HBYC Crest is a round field with black background with a gold (un-fouled) anchor at its center, and the HBYC Burgee flying on a short-mast centered on the anchor.  The anchor/burgee combination is surrounded by a circular thin gold piping, outside of which is the Herring Bay Yacht Club name in gold (curved with Herring Bay on top and Yacht Club on bottom), and a very thick gold piping/roping encircling the entire crest as its outer border.
HBYC-LOGO-1-26-14 600x400 HBYCMedallion250x250
Burgee designed by Club Member Joe Varnadore