The Herring Bay Yacht Club (HBYC) is a not-for profit corporation located at the Herrington Harbour Marinas on the shores of Herring Bay in Southern Anne Arundel County Maryland.  Formed in 1990 HBYC has a longstanding presence in the community, and we owe our history to the former Rose Haven Yacht Club which was formed in 1952.

With over 200 Members, HBYC is a social club where we encourage and promote yachting and other related sports, best practices of seamanship, safety at sea and responsible boating, and we provide a fun and safe environment for sociability and good fellowship for our Members, their families and their guests.  We host many land and cruise events throughout the year, as well as educational, safety and philanthropic activities that benefit boaters and the neighboring communities.

HBYC is a member of the Yachting Club of America (YCA) and the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Clubs Association. YCA offers members reciprocal agreements to gain access to participating yacht clubs all over the world.