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Learn why the Herring Bay Yacht Club is the “best kept secret” on the Bay.

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In our first season at Herrington Harbour, we attended one HBYC event as guests just to "see what it was all about".  Before the night was over we decided to join the club, and have been active members ever since.  The club's cruises and land events alone make joining worthwhile; add to that the camaraderie, the wealth of shared knowledge and information, and the life-long friendships made and the decision to join becomes a no-brainer!

Dave and Michelle Sousa - Fairfax, VA

Prior to joining the club, I used my boat a few times a year... but really didn't feel like I was getting the most out of it.  Since joining HBYC, I've used my boat more, I understand more about my boat and boating, and I've made a lot of lifelong friends.  We're down nearly every weekend over the summer and feel like we've rediscovered the joy of summer!

Tom Costello10 years as a boat owner - 2 years as a real "boater" - West Chester, PA