2015 USCG Aux Vessel Safety Checks

2015 USCG Aux Vessel Safety Checks

2015 USCG Aux Vessel Safety Checks

Open to all Herrington Harbour North/South slipholders and HBYC Members

As part of our mission, HBYC is proud to work with the USCG and USCG Auxiliaries to promote boater safety to all who enjoy the Bay!!

In that spirit, HBYC is proud to once again host the 2015 Vessel Safety Checks.

Open to anyone who wishes to participate (HBYC members, Herrington Harbour slipholders, any boaters in neighboring communities), we want to help you get your boat (as well as Captain & Crew) in safe shape for the boating season.

In 2014, we had nearly 100 vessels checked over a 4-day period.  This year, we hope to top 150.

If you’re interested… read on…


Who is Doing the Inspections?

We’re proud to have the USCG Drum Point Flotilla helping us with this event.  Our first inspections will be performed just before the start of the National Boaters Safety Week… and we encourage all boaters to take the time to get a Vessel Safety Check.

The Vessel Safety Check is a great way to ensure you have all of the proper safety gear and basic safety skills necessary to handle the unexpected problems that come up while boating (whether on your boat or another).  Even experienced mariners agree that this annual voluntary inspection is incredibly useful to both “refresh their memory” as well as discuss new regulations and experiences that these expert inspectors bring to the table.

Remember, the goal isn’t just to pass the inspection – but rather, to be prepared with adequate safety equipment and concepts to handle an issue, should it occur.


How much does this cost?

Nothing!   Zero.  Nada.  Zilch.  The USCG and USCG Auxiliary offer these inspections at no-charge.


What are the dates?

We’ll be simultaneously doing checks at both HHN and HHS on Saturday-Sunday May 2-3, as well as Saturday-Sunday June 27-28.


Can I get a Citation for any Problems discovered during the inspection?

No!  The USCG Inspectors do not hand out citations or tickets.  The goal is to ensure you become aware of any issues and know how to properly address them.  If you do not pass the inspection, you’ll be given a list of items to be fixed/repaired/replaced… and once completed, you can ask for a re-check.


What Do They Check?

During the Vessel Safety Check, the Inspector will examine the vessel for required safety devices, compliance with regulations, ask the Captain questions to verify readiness, and more.  If you look at pages 46-48 of this PDF (See the VSC_Manual here), you’ll see a sample of the actual inspection sheet they’ll use when going over your vessel.  If you see anything on that sheet that raises questions or concerns, feel free to scan through that document and/or contact Fleet… and we’ll be happy to discuss with you.


What if I’m not ready by the May 2-3 or June 27-28 dates?

If you miss this event, the USCG and USCG Auxiliary teams are typically willing to make a trip to inspect your vessel when you’re ready.  Regardless of where you live/boat, you can use the USCG Aux site to find a flotilla or squadron near you – and you can contact them for scheduling.


I have a trailer boat, will they check that?

Yes – in 2014, the USCG Aux checked a couple of trailered vessels.  Vessels must be safely and properly parked – at HHS near the main 0ffice parking lot, and at HHS near the West Marine parking area.  You MUST register in advance to ensure we have a time-slot reserved for you (so you don’t waste the drive and leave unchecked).


How Do I Sign-Up and/or Participate?

We’ve set up an online registration process with EventBrite which you can find here.  People who sign-up online will have preference since we’re limited to the number of boats that can be properly checked in a day.

If you are at HHN, follow this link to Eventbrite and select the day/time that best fits your plans.

Eventbrite - HBYC USCG Aux - Vessel Safety Check HHN


If you are at HHS, follow this link to Eventbrite and select the day/time that best fits your plans.

Eventbrite - HBYC USCG Aux - Vessel Safety Check HHS


In addition, we’re planning to have the USCG Inspectors set up at tables at both HHN (adjacent to the main entrance in the West Marine lawn) and HHS (adjacent to the transient office).  A Herring Bay Yacht Club member will be there with a sign-up sheet.  We’ll take names, slip-numbers, and cell phone numbers when adding you to the list, and then go in a first-come first-serve basis to get inspectors to work through the list.


If you have any questions, contact Tom Costello (HBYC Fleet Captain).